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I'm Alexandre, the artisan behind the workbench at Legacy Goods, your go-to for handmade leather goods!

Alexandre Vallières-Lagacé, The Maker

Our Story

Like many creators, my journey began with a single YouTube video, which led to another, and another... I found myself immersed in a world I'd never really paid attention to before: leather crafting. I was instantly hooked!

Was it the late-night ASMR that captivated me, or the desire to create something tangible after spending my life in the field of computer engineering? I believe it was a combination of both.

I dove deeper into the rabbit hole, watching more videos and starting with simple DIY kits. I began crafting belts for my family and friends, then moved onto more complex products like wallets and small accessories. One day, I challenged myself with a custom project: a long wallet for my daughter with very specific requirements. She chose cherry red leather from an Italian tannery, and the project was a success!

This experience made me realize that I could utilize my existing skills in graphic design software to create my own patterns for crafting more products. Products that I truly believe people will love. Fast forward several months, and here we are today with...

Legacy Goods, my own small business offering handmade leather products! Explore our range of high-quality leather items!

Why the Name Legacy Goods?

Every time an English speaker pronounces my last name, they always say "Lagacé" like "Legacy"! It always makes me smile because the word holds deep meaning for me.

Legacy is what we leave behind, both in the physical world and in the hearts of the people we meet throughout our journey. That's why I craft products using proven techniques and the highest quality materials, made with century-old craftsmanship.

Discover our collection of personalized leather accessories and experience the quality of Legacy Goods for yourself.

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