Collection: Winter Collection

With the colder weather, we've hunkered down in our workshop and designed a few new products that will surely interest you!

Based on our successful dog collars and leashes, we've updated our leash design to include a D-ring near the hand loop, which can attach to our new Dog Poop Bag holder! This way, your little friend won't leave you stranded with the bags forgotten at home!

If you purchase a leash and Dog Poop Bag Holder together, you get a nice discount!

For the photographer in you, we've released our first camera accessory, our Camera Strap comes with Peak Design Anchor Links for quick attachment and release of your camera.

Finally, after a request from a customer, we introduced a new Leather Tray in Chocolate colour with Buck Brown. This is a large model that can accommodate wallets, Airpods, keys and more!